Bell & Brunt Services

Bell & Brunt offers an exclusive diamond selection and design process specifically customised for individuals wanting to own the finest jewellery. At our Adelaide jewellery studio, we offer a range of services from custom jewellery designing,  remodelling, jewellery valuation, repair and resizing & more.

 1. Custom jewellery designing

When you visit our Adelaide Studio, you will be welcomed by an experienced Design Consultant. They’ll take the time to get to know you and what this ring means for you. You can relax because we’ll make everything effortless and fun, and create your design with you. You can even have a chat with one of our world-class jewellers or gemologist who are happy to go through any technical aspects of your design with you. We encourage you to visit us to see the Jewellers in action and learn why a Bell & Brunt piece means quality and is one of a kind. 

How long will it take to design your custom engagement ring?

A 20% deposit is required to start your piece, and as we are fortunate enough to be creating a lot of custom pieces for our clients, we need about 4 weeks to create your custom jewellery piece. We can fit with your financial needs in most circumstances to make your dream piece a reality. And the service doesn’t stop there. Bell & Brunt offers complimentary cleaning and maintenance assessments for life on all of our pieces.

2. Loose Diamond & Gemstone Selection

The Design Consultants will help you become a diamond expert by taking you through our diamond selection process, helping you view loose diamonds and find the one perfect for you. We only source diamonds from the best gemstone cutters, and we may reject up to 20 diamonds in order to select only the best. It’s a great way for you to be confident in your purchase and it’s fun! 

3. Jewellery Remodelling

Has your ring worn out? Do you own jewellery that you can’t wear everyday? Have you inherited a ring or a bangle or a bracelet that you want remodelled? Do you own loose diamonds or gemstones that can be crafted into a ring or a bracelet?

If Yes, then all you need do is step into the Bell & Brunt Jewellery Store in Adelaide and have a chat with our jewellery consultants to get started. 

4. Ring resizing & repair

We repair all types of jewellery, old and new, and carefully ensure that the integrity and charm of the piece is preserved so that you can love wearing it. If you need a ring resized, come into our Adelaide jewellery store and speak with one of our friendly consultants. Jewellers use a variety of methods to resize rings, and we want you to know what's best for your ring.

5. Rhodium plating 

The rhodium plating improves the lustre of your white gold ring. It gives jewellery a smooth and shiny finish. At our Adelaide jewellery store, we provide a quick service with a turnaround time of 2 hours. 

6. Jewellery valuation certificate 

B&B provides a free valuation for your jewellery piece handcrafted by us, and a discounted price for valuations for your B&B product over the years for which you have original paperwork. Our valuers are NCJV certified so you can be confident the appraisal will meet the highest standards.

 The cost of jewellery valuation ranges between $55 to $75 per piece. We also offer Express Valuation service for insurance purposes at an additional cost. Express Valuation is a guarantee that you will receive your jewellery valuation certificate within 24 to 48 hours.

7. Other Bell & Brunt Services

Some other jewellery services we offer includes the following:

Jewellery cleaning and polishing

Gemstone cutting and polishing

Jewellery and gemstone appraisal

Gemstone identification

Pearl and bead rethreading

Jewellery Insurance assessments and quotes

Interstate delivery 

You can call us at 08 8231 9997 or simply walk into our Adelaide store at Rundle Mall to get these services. You can also send us a message or book a consultation with our jewellery designers & experts.