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We are not just any jewellery store in Australia. We have a South Australian legacy that spans across 101 years. We are fifth-generation custom handmade jewellers in Adelaide who are passionate about our craft. We capture stories of love and family in hand crafted, custom pieces of jewellery. From one-of-a-kind engagement rings, weddings rings, wedding bands, to diamond earrings, bangles and customised white gold accessories, you can get anything created. And, if you wish to remodel your jewellery, our experts guide you through the process.

Quality, creativity and craftsmanship form the core of our philosophy. We understand the emotions that come with creating something so special and why this purchase is so important to you. Of course, we’re experts at what we do, but the real difference is in the passion we have to help when it matters most, to be honest with you, and work with you to make your ideal ring.  

At Bell & Brunt, our team combines world-class artistry and expertise with your style and vision to create a piece that reflects that collaboration. From symbols of love that show the strength, beauty and uniqueness of your own relationship to legacy pieces that become part of your family’s story. Our in-house Design Consultants have an innate ability to capture feelings in the jewellery they design alongside you, making your hand made piece one of a kind.

“You want to create something you’re really attached to as its worn every day. It’s a physical reminder of a beautiful moment or a memory; whether that’s a relationship, a celebration, or a person. It gratifies us to be one of the few South Australian jewellers to offer a premium product that best suits your needs and budget."
Cher’i Brunt, Bell & Brunt Co-Owner and CEO.

Simply, we’re a manufacturing jeweller in Adelaide that creates supreme quality jewellery. We use superior materials, stand behind our diamonds with our Real Diamond Guarantee, and use only the finest freshly forged bars of gold. Ours is a premium product, it’s not for everyone. To see if it’s a good fit we like to meet you to see if it best suits your needs. For all things that speak 'handmade jewellery Adelaide', we are your one-stop jewellery studio. With our friendly customer service, you are sure to get all your queries answered about collection of unique diamonds, gemstones, gold and more. Book a free consultation with us today. 

“We can honestly not thank Bell & Brunt enough for this beautiful, beautiful ring that we’ve had made. It took my breath away, it went beyond our expectations, and honestly this is why Bell & Brunt has the reputation it has. Bell & Brunt has always been above and beyond with expectations."
Beverley Newcombe, Bell & Brunt customer


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And finally, you will benefit from the Bell & Brunt Safety Net. A family business doesn’t survive for a hundred years without knowing what our customers’ expectations are. That’s why we're a leader in our industry. It's our promise to you that we will get it right. Your vision will become a reality.

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